Data Center Migrations

I’m an experienced Infrastructure Project manager with experience in
migrating data centers or data center migrations. For tips for a
successful migration or relocation of a data center.

I thought it may be helpful to share my experiences as an Infrastructure Project Manager and some of the most grueling projects. I think one of the most challenging infrastructure projects to manage is a Data Center Migration. I’ve participated in many Data Center Migration project’s, some successful and some not, and believe there are some key elements that are essential to a successful
Data Center Migration projects, they are as follows;

The key elements are:
1. Establishing a clear Data Center Migration Goal
2. Get the right People for the job
3. Develop your Project Management Plan
4. Develop your Data Center Migration Strategy
5. Develop your Data Center Migration Plan
4. Implement your Data Center Migration
5. Monitor your Plan to completion

I’d like to go into details about each element, beginning with establishing a clear goal. According to PMI, establishing the goal of your project occurs during the Initiating phase of project management. I think there are many companies who implement this phase incorrectly and results in many unsuccessful Data Center Migrations projects.

Typically, I’ve found the goal of most Data Center Migration is to reduce cost, but that isn’t always the case. Sometime the goal of a Data Center migration could be to reduce or eliminate risk due to physical location or perhaps the migration facilitates a plan to consolidate multiple Data Centers. Has anyone else performed or considered a Data Center Migration to achieve a different goal?



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