Innovation and the Service Oriented Organization (SOO): Business Value Through IT Innovation. (Is it right under your nose?)

Innovation is still key to a company having a competitive edge. It is my observation that there are still many Information Technology (IT) organizations challenged to figure out how they can be innovative or how they can contribute to a company’s innovation. IT Service Management can and should be leveraged to help support your innovation objectives for IT. A Service Oriented Organization (SOO) is one that has embodied the concept of running IT as a business, leveraging service management
practices across the complete portfolio of a company’s IT services. You can incorporate innovation in an evolutionary way to complement your existing service management practices.
While I am a proponent of business driven and revenue generating, client driven strategy and innovation, this article will be limited to discussing what I will call an introspective view of IT embracing
innovation. The intent here is to share some thoughts on incorporating innovation program features into the constructs of your existing IT service management disciplines. The motivation to write this article came from recent observations where IT organizations have been missing innovations that their teams have already put into place, as well as missing their teams’ ideas and opportunities for innovation.

Hence, the question above, is innovation right under your nose? Looking for what may be under your nose may mean that you and your organization need to look at things differently, with a new “lens” if you will – a lens that can be applied to existing operational practices to improve how you recognize and foster innovation within your Information Technology organization.
This is not a suggestion to play shell games with terminology or to just count the plethora of system upgrades that IT often performs as “innovations”. This IS a suggestion that you, as an IT leader, may have innovation happening that is not recognized and you most likely have a talented team who have a lot of great ideas for innovation. The question is: Are you leveraging your existing processes and personnel for innovation?



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