What is the point of Project Management?

Of course it’s perfectly feasible to deliver “projects” without having a formal “Project Manager” or indeed any agreed approach
about how best to deliver a project. Many organisations have adopted this approach for years. Indeed it’s probably fair to say that in
many organisations it’s only when a project is failing that a Project Manager is appointed.
General consensus indicates that a majority of IT projects fail on one measure or another so what impact can a Project Manager make on the success or failure of the project? At the end of the day having a Project Manager is a risk mitigation e.g. if no-one is guiding the project who apart from the Project Manager will help ensure that the project is successful and that benefits are delivered? Without a Captain, who will steer the ship?
That one person has a singular vested interest in ensuring that the project goes well, that it is planned, that bumps on the road are
spotted beforehand and avoided and that someone is steering the project is often the crucial differentiator between success and failure. There are many facets to good Project Management, many methodologies to follow, different approaches, to be a manager, a facilitator, a coach, a dogsbody even.
Most organisations have many different and sometimes conflicting priorities; a Project Manager will help navigate these conflicts since they are often the only person who has the accountability and responsibility for making the project happen (even though at the end of the day it has to be a team effort). And a Project Manager will be the main advocate for ensuring the success of the project (sometimes against the odds).
And finally a Project Manager will help ensure the delivery of benefits which was the rationale of the project at the outset. After all what is the point in reaching the end of the road only to find you have not arrived at your destination?



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