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Who owns Application Performance Management?

Many Bank and Financial companies have realized that operational management of their mission critical applications is not adequate. Today, applications are rolled into production with the hope that operations and infrastructure groups will keep business services highly available and reliable. But apparently, hopes are … Continue reading

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Business IT Management

Today IT departments face manifold and conflicting demands. Business expects IT to deliver on key initiatives to support core business strategies – initiatives such as integration of company acquisitions, globalization of operations, transformation of business models and compliance with regulations. At the same … Continue reading

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What is the point of Project Management?

Of course it’s perfectly feasible to deliver “projects” without having a formal “Project Manager” or indeed any agreed approach about how best to deliver a project. Many organisations have adopted this approach for years. Indeed it’s probably fair to say that in … Continue reading

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Sense and Non-Sense of KPI’s

I’m often asked which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) should be used to measure the performance of a CIO. To answer this, first we should address the sense and non-sense of KPI’s. Literature shows that organizations managed through a good set of KPI’s perform better … Continue reading

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New Technology Trends Shift IT Skill Requirements

Are you implementing or considering technologies, such as Social Computing and Cloud-based platforms?  Is IT positioned to exploit these technologies? Why am I asking these questions? Well, we talk a lot about new technology and the impact it has on the way … Continue reading

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Best practices in creating a VMO from scratch

Many organizations with VMOs have been able to generate impressive cost savings by standardizing their IT procurement efforts. There is an increased focus on managing relationships and have a strategic alignment with identified services and solutions partners by performing vendor stratification. While setting up … Continue reading

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Checking Vendor References

Every IT manager needs to perform reference checks on potential vendors. A vendor reference check goes beyond the sales pitch to reveal the true nature of a product or company. If you’re not performing reference checks you are susceptible of falling prey to a … Continue reading

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