CIO/CTO Buying Habits

I would like to get your responses to the following questions below. Having worked for a few Banks  from the MNC or Non MNC, it has always interested me in knowing what makes CIO, the consumer of the technology tick.

Why do CIOs buy what they buy? So here goes: What do you look for and what is important in a Systems Management Solution?
What features do you look for? Where does politics play in the decision?
When you bring a vendor in for a demo do you want them to show only the solution for your current problem or show value add?

Do you rely solely on your current vendor to provide the solution you need or what they perceive you need?
When it is time for renewal do you look at other vendors?

Do you do your due diligence, basically look at vendors you may have eliminated or dismissed when you made your decision on your current solution? Have you ever provided feedback and or recommendations to your vendor and in turn they worked them into the product?

Do you only see the sales person when it is time for renewal or are they actively engaged with you?

Have you ever looked at a vendor as a trusted advisor?

If so, how did they gain that level of trust? Do you rely on analyst recommendations? Which role do you play in the decision making process of a technology solution (evaluator, decision maker, recommender, etc…)?

one is taking the recommendations of your current customers and potential customers. I have to be honest with you when we are not selected as the vendor of choice the post mortem I receive is very important. Many times this information lets us make important product decisions. Another advantage is how we treat our customers; we don’t look at them as customers but partners. Customer – a person or company that buys goods or services Partner – somebody who is involved in an activity with somebody else Which one would you do you want to be, a customer or partner?

Customer means internal and external parties.

= Cheers =


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