How to justify the implementation of a document capture and routing solution ?

With the current economic difficulties being front and center in everyone’s mind, I’m hearing a lot about how all IT projects are being measured more than ever in terms of concrete, demonstrable
business benefits. The prevalent question seems to be:

How can I justify the implementation of a document capture and routing

It’s a great question…one that probably should have received more attention even in the good times. Traditionally, vendors and IT staff connect well when discussing the technical features of a system, but
not as well on the benefits to the business. In the current environment, all significant IT projects must be justified to the business managers in terms of they benefit the business’s bottom-line.

Solution providers need to work with their customers to identify how their product(s) will impact the bottom line by allowing the organization to cut costs and improve its ability to compete by:
* Streamlining existing, inefficient business processes/workflows
* Increasing user productivity and effectiveness
* Providing the ability to comply with regulatory mandates and overall records retention policies
* Improving the ability to recover from systems interruptions and physical disaster, and
* Saving money by supporting green business initiatives

Many of these benefits are directly in line with the initiatives that companies are pursuing, even in the current economy. Document capture and routing software providers should help their customers identify
ways to maximize the value of their existing technology investments, most notably enterprise content management systems and multi-function peripheral (MFP) devices.

All the while, the goal is to allow the IT manager to make the business case for doing so, in clear and quantified terms.

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